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Home Study Courses can either be delivered via email or sent through US postal service to your home address. Please let us know which delivery method you prefer.
Registration: You can register by clicking on the link below, printing and mailing the registration form, or send an email to bodywellness@att.net with your Name (as to appear on your certificate" and the class you wish to register for. I will then send an invoice via PayPal. 
 http://www.ceuar.com/Registration-Form.html, print and fill out the registration form and send it, along with your payment to Body Wellness.
Once your registration and payment is received, we will email the course information. Return the quiz through mail or email, you will receive a certificate of completion first by email and then the original will be placed in the us-mail system.
You may call us at 501-315-4325 or email us at bodywellness@att.net.

Medical Terminology for the Massage Therapist         e-mail- 6 CE's - $70.00
(This course can be delivered by E-Mail or through the US Mail Service)         US Mail - $80.00
As Massage Therapy continues to evolve into the medical community, the ability to communicate with other healthcare providers becomes critical. This course will assist you in communicating with your clients and their medical team regarding their healthcare problems. 

Introduction to Aromatherapy-Correspondence       US Mail - 6 CE's - $80.00
(This course can be delivered only through the US Mail Service)
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of oils and scents. Their aromas can enhance your massage and your client’s' health and well being. Discussion of essential oils history, how scents affect the body, mind and spirit, how different oils are manufactured, and carrier oils for massage makes this a class you don’t want to miss. Items included: Workbook, quiz, 3 Oil profile cards and 3 sample oils are included.

Why Essential Oils Work-The Chemistry                     e-mail - 6 CE's - $65.00
(This course can be delivered by E-Mail or through the US Mail Service)         US Mail - $75.00
Essential Oils are very complex structures that can provide relief for many conditions. This course allows you to travel down the complex chemistry path which will allow you to better understand how the changes occur in the body with their use. This is not written for a Chemist but a Massage Therapist, don't be leery of this course by the name. Included in the information is considerable recent research of the use and benefits of essential oils that is involved with aspects Massage Therapist are likely to use.

SOAP Charting for Massage Therapists Internet       e-mail - 6 CE's - $65.00
(This course can be delivered by E-Mail or through the US Mail Service)        US Mail - $75.00
SOAP Charting is a standard system of gathering and processing information relating to the clients' health. Subjective Assessment, Objective Assessment, Application and Plan/Progress are the cornerstones to this system. This system is essential for health care professionals

This information is found in Proposed Rules and Regulations for May 2016
Article Six - Continuing Education
4. Home study and online courses may be approved by the Department providing all the following criteria are met.
      a. The course is pre-approved by the Department or another state agency regulating massage therapy or certified professional massage therapy agency.
      b. The course must fall within the scope of practice as defined in Article Two of these rules and regulations.
      c. The course must be in a non hands-on subject matter.
      d. The course or courses cannot comprise more than six (6) of the total eighteen (18) continuing education hours needed for biannual renewal and cannot be repeated for renewal or upgrade purposes.